• Our special organic bread are freshly baked in our fire oven every day, based on the biblical model of bread making 2000 years ago. Our organic bread forms the base of our food menu, but the different bread on our bread shelves are also for sale. Take one or two home!

• People can order our special bread platters from the menu for simple enjoyment, but special requests can be made for taking communion together (small portion of bread and grape juice) The special communion bread and grape juice are served at no cost

• 2 Break away disciple rooms are available for bible studies. Bookings necessary with Management

• Music and theater are presented on the restaurant stage and in the outside theater area. The restaurant stage are equipped with sound, audiovisual and lighting equipment

• The Tabernacle of Moses scale model in the back garden gives insightful teachings from a New Testament perspective and reminds the believer that he/she is now a new testament priest according to the order of Melchizedek

• Baptism bath available in the house for believers’ baptisms (Ask Management)

• Variety of DVD’s and books for sale in the house (see our bookshelves in the foyer area)