We welcome you to House of Bread

House of Bread coffee shop and restaurant originated as a house of prayer and offer worship activities and facilities for those who want to unite in worship...or should you just need some time out. We welcome one and all and pride ourselves in unique, quality food and a warm friendly atmosphere!

We are not a church or do not take on the doctrines of any specific church. We belief the Church is not a physical building or meeting place, but believers united together in and with Christ, the Head of the Body.

Here you can eat organic bread from our fire oven, which is based on a model of 2000 years ago whereby discipleship takes place in an authentic Hebrew manner by eating bread together and sharing the Word of God.

Various rooms are available if groups need privacy from the restaurant area and we have a Tabernacle scale model.

The vision of House of Bread is to unite Jesus the Messiah’s ‘Body of Believers’ in Bloemfontein by eating, loving and praying together.

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